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Project Description
CAML is a grand idea when it comes to creating lists and document libraries automatically. But what happens when you need to setup specific permissions on all those lists?

This project started life as an example for a short e-book. By the time I'd finished the whole thing was too long and had to be cut so I've decided to stick it on CodePlex in case anybody finds it useful.

Basically, the code extends CAML to allow you to declaratively define security using a configuration file. By adding a feature to your site defintion that contains the configuration file, new sites can be automatically setup with custom permissions already in place. No more manually tweaking the permissions once you've built a new site.

For the text that accompanies this code, check out my blog at:

This source code was intended to demonstrate the security API in SharePoint so the text covers the API in a fair bit of detail.

This class diagram shows the various classes that comprise the utility

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